17 October 2019

In its first 80 days Haven has now been installed more than 25,000 times! We’re excited to watch as the Haven community - and private ecommerce - continues to grow.

Here are some quick stats for Haven to date:


  • Since launch, Haven has been used in 183 different countries.
  • The United States, Venezuela, and Iraq are the countries with the most users.

Platform split:

  • iOS: 34%
  • Android: 66%

Other Stats

  • There have been more than 2,400 posts made in the Haven social feed so far.
  • Listings have been added to users’ wishlists more than 1,500 times.

Upcoming releases

Even more features will be introduced into Haven soon:

  • Haven app-to-app push notifications for chat, social, and order activities
  • A massive social update that will introduce a personalised feed, instant updates, social notifications, and lay the groundwork for topic channels
  • Ethereum integration that will allow for ETH and ERC-20 token payment support

What features would you like to see in Haven?

Tell us about it in Slack and on Telegram and Twitter.

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