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Your World.
Kept Private.

Why use apps that spy on you? Shop, chat, and send cryptocurrencies privately using Haven.

More Privacy

The most private ecommerce application. We believe privacy is a universal right.

More Choices

A marketplace, social, private chat and a powerful cryptocurrency multi-wallet all in one place.

More Connection

Interact in a place where your data isn't being harvested. No fees. No data thieves.


Buy and sell from wherever you are without big platforms peeking in or taking a cut.

Next-level Private Messaging

End-to-end encrypted messaging so you can enjoy snoop-free chats.

Bypass the Banks

Send, spend and receive Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Zcash in the powerful multiwallet.

The Future of Social

Engage with others, discover new content and express yourself in a new space without prying eyes.

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