Haven Terms and Conditions

Haven is a private marketplace app where people connect in order to buy and sell goods and services, chat, and use cryptocurrency.

Haven uses several technologies to give users more privacy than traditional online marketplaces. Chat messages and transaction information is end-to-end encrypted, and stored locally on your device. Haven users are not anonymous by default. While communications between parties are encrypted, IP addresses are public and can be associated with activity on the network.

Haven users must adhere to the laws in their own legal jurisdiction as well as their conscience. The Haven developers do not condone - and are not responsible for - any use of the platform for illegal activity. The Haven Content Policy prohibits illegal, violent, pornographic, or hateful content. Users posting content which violates the policy will be blocked along with the content.

Users can report offensive material and abusive users to the app developers, as well as block those users from interacting with them. To learn how to report and / or block listings and users, read the Haven Content Policy.

Haven developers are not responsible for any monetary loss associated with problems in the software. By using Haven you’re responsible for your own actions within the app.

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