What is Haven?

Haven is a new super-app that enables you to shop, chat, and send cryptocurrencies privately from your iOS or Android mobile device using the OpenBazaar network.

Who is Haven for?

Haven is for cryptocurrency and privacy enthusiasts who are looking for a new way to shop, sell and interact online without their private information being stored by third parties or their data being tracked.

How is Haven different from other apps?

Haven is built using the decentralized network called OpenBazaar and its unique structure allows users to have an unprecedented amount of privacy as they shop, sell and chat.

How private is Haven?

Haven is more private than the popular marketplace alternatives currently available. It is achieved by using local data hosting, a peer-to-peer network and cryptocurrency as the available payment type. Learn more about the privacy you can expect in Haven here.

How is my data protected?

Your data is protected by being hosted on your own mobile device.

Who can access my data?

No one can access your data without access to your device.

What languages does Haven support?

Haven is available in English now with more languages coming soon.

What is OpenBazaar?

OpenBazaar is an open source protocol used to create a decentralized network for peer to peer commerce online using cryptocurrencies. Learn more about it https://openbazaar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/208020193-What-is-OpenBazaar-

How much does it cost to sell something on Haven?

Haven has absolutely no platform fees so aside from transaction fees needed to use cryptocurrency (negligible for most coins), it is totally free to sell goods and services in Haven.

How can I pay for my order?

All Haven orders are paid in cryptocurrency, and you can choose to pay either from the internal Haven wallet or from any other wallet. To send funds into your Haven wallet, tap on the coin you want to receive in the wallet, then tap “Receive” at the bottom. You will see a string of numbers and letters, which is the address you need to send your funds into. You can either tap “Copy Address” then put that address into another wallet, or scan the QR code with a mobile wallet.

What is payment protection and how does it work?

By using payment protection you are putting your funds in escrow to reduce the risk of a vendor not delivering their order. Payment protection uses moderators who will step in to protect users in the event that a dispute is opened.

What currencies are supported on the Haven wallet?

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Zcash

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