20 September 2019

When someone says “cryptocurrency marketplace” they generally mean one of two things:

  1. A place where you buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies
  2. A place where you buy and sell goods and services using cryptocurrencies

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies

Technically, a marketplace where you buy and sell cryptocurrencies is called an exchange. Some exchanges let you buy and sell coins using your bank account or a credit card, some only allow crypto-to-crypto purchases, and some take an unusual route like Paxful which lets you purchase cryptocurrency with whatever you may have on hand from crypto to gift cards to physical cash.

They each have different pros and cons from countries of availability to currencies supported to how much personal information they require from you. Choosing the right exchange for you is a matter of availability in your area and alignment with your values.

What exchanges value privacy?

Many exchanges that let you use a bank account or credit card require quite a bit of additional identifying information for you to transact. For this reason the method we generally recommend for getting cryptocurrency is to earn your coins by selling goods or services in a marketplace like Haven. However, we know sometimes simply buying crypto with national currencies (fiat currencies) or trading coins for other coins is preferred.

Here are a few resources explaining ways to do this without giving up too much of your private information:


Buying and selling goods and services using cryptocurrencies

Okay, so what about a marketplace where you can shop and sell like you would on other well known marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba or Etsy?

Haven is a marketplace where you can buy and sell goods and services with cryptocurrency. Haven currently supports buying and selling with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Zcash with Ethereum coming soon and additional coins being explored.

What would you like to buy or sell on Haven with cryptocurrency?

Start your browsing in less than a minute and sellers can get set up in about 3! Check out this quick start guide to setting up your own store on Haven.

Ready to get your hands on it?

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