Protecting our privacy online is important. Our identity and data can be abused if it gets into the hands of the wrong people. More people than ever before are taking steps to guard their privacy online, but there’s one activity that seems stubbornly hostile to user’s privacy: selling goods and services.

Generally, people still must throw all of that desire for privacy out the door in order to use the majority of the platforms available to make money. Is it just the necessary evil of ecommerce? Does it have to be this way?

Is it even possible to sell goods or services online privately?

What if it’s possible to sell things online without giving any personal information like your real name, your phone number, your street address, or your banking information? Sam Patterson, Chief Privacy Officer of OB1, checks out some of the top ecommerce platforms like Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, and Craigslist to find out.

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