30 August 2019

Haven is designed to be incredibly easy to use. Not just easy for a cryptocurrency marketplace but for any online marketplace. It’s easier and faster to get set up on Haven than on any other shopping platform you know like Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Alibaba or Shopify.

Buyers and sellers alike only have to move through two screens to get started and onboarding doesn’t require any personally identifying information like an email address, phone number, bank account number, or even a first and last name. The whole thing takes less than a minute.

Sellers can then get their store set up and an item listed for sale in just a few minutes more!

How to Get Haven

First, install download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

When you open the app you will see two screens. The first one asks for your store name, country and display currency that you’d prefer as well as an option to opt in to analytics tracking. The second is a privacy notice.

Start by entering a descriptive & enticing store name. Then your country which can be especially important if you are selling physical goods. Buyers around the world want to know what to expect with shipping times and costs and if they’ll have to deal with something like paying VAT upon receipt. Next you can select your most familiar currency to display prices within the app. Analytics tracking is optional but by opting in to the completely anonymized tracking you will help us be able to make Haven better all the time while still maintaining your privacy. No one is accessing your private information or coming after you with ads!

Then you’ll review the privacy notice and land on the product discovery screen.

From here, tap the circle in the bottom right corner to view your Me tab where you will manage all information about your store, profile, sales and wallet.

Now you can make sure your store looks great before you create your first listing!

How to Design Your Haven Store

Tap your profile bar at the top. On the next screen tap Edit Profile to add your cover photo, profile photo and store description.

You can use a great photo representing your products for your cover photo and your logo or another image representing your business for your profile photo. Email, phone number and website are optional but we recommend adding an email address in case people encounter an issue that requires them to contact you outside of the app. A website can also help boost buyer confidence if they are able to see you already have a regular web store.

Bonus points for linking Haven and your web store together so that people can easily determine your ownership of both! You can do this by adding your Haven store link to a page on your website.

The Bio is a short snippet that shows up on your profile page beneath your reviews and follower/following count. The About section shows up in the About tab of your profile and can be longer. Use the Bio to help users learn right away what you sell and how you can help them and use the longer About section to tell your story, talk about your history, share deals and offers and add any additional information you think is important for your buyers to know.

Tap save to end up back on your profile screen.

Everything look good? You’re ready to create your first listing!

Your Haven Store Settings

In your Me tab, tap the gear icon for Settings.

In Settings you will see a Store section. Here you can manage your:

  • Store policies such as return policies and terms and conditions. You can set these up however you’d like or however is necessary for your business. You may want to say no refunds if the price point is very low on the item or perhaps offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a full refund option.
  • Moderators for your listings. Moderated payments are set by default in Haven for payment protection. Here you can review and select the OB1 Verified Moderator(s) you like best to add them to your listings to protect both your and your buyers’ payments. If you add multiple Moderators then your buyers can also have a choice to review and select the one they also like and trust the most to help protect their payment when they make a purchase. Read more about how payment protection works in our FAQ here.
  • The cryptocurrencies you’d like to accept as payment. Choose from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Zcash. Select as many or as few as you’d like!

When these are each complete to your liking tap Save in the top right corner then the back arrow in the top left corner to back out.

Tap the back arrow at the top left again to back out of Settings.

How to Add a Listing in Haven

Tap the green + at the center bottom of the app and select Sell. You can also tap Create listing on your profile page under your Store tab.

Add as many high quality photos as you can of the listing to give buyers a good sense of your item or service.

Select the type of good it is: Physical Good, Service or Digital Good (Android only at the moment).

Give it a short, clear title that contains keywords that people are likely to use in search.

Enter the price and condition (if applicable) and then a great description.

Mark it as adult content if it is a listing intended for users who are age 18+ so that it gets categorized appropriately. If a mature item is not appropriately labeled your entire store may bet flagged for removal from search.

Complete the shipping information (if applicable) according to the service you use to ship your items and how much they charge. Or, you can keep it simple and add shipping costs to your item cost and leave it set to Free Shipping.

Tags are optional but they can be added to boost the searchability of your item. Include obvious ones that relate to the item itself but that are not in the title or description like “clothing” or “fashion.”

Advanced includes areas where you can add information about variants (such as color varieties available) & inventory counts, store policies and/or coupons you’d like to create and share, as applicable.

When everything looks great, tap the green Save button in the lower right corner. You’re done!

Viewing Your Haven Listing

Listings may take a bit to populate fully across the peer-to-peer OpenBazaar network on which Haven is built. There may also be a delay for it to start showing up in search but you can see your listing in your store & share the direct link to it right away.

The search within Haven is a helpful feature but because of the peer-to-peer network it’s not exactly like the search functions in other marketplaces. It is still growing and evolving all the time so we don’t recommend expecting search to be the cornerstone of your sales. Just like with any other ecommerce marketplace, the most successful sellers also do their own promotional work to bring in buyers and encourage repeat purchases.

Make sure to market your store and listings by sharing them in the social feed in Haven and around the web outside of the app, too!

Ready to get your hands on Haven?

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