14 November 2019

The total number of Haven installs has doubled in the last 30 days, the fastest growth rate we have seen yet!

Here are some quick stats for Haven to date:


  • Since launch, Haven has been used in more than 190 different countries and in over 50 different languages.
  • The United States, Venezuela, and Iraq are the countries with the most users.

Platform split:

  • iOS: 27%
  • Android: 73%

Other Stats

  • Haven has been installed on nearly 1,500 different types of mobile devices.
  • Our network is growing. More than 22,000 listings are live on the network right now!

Upcoming releases

Even more features will be introduced into Haven soon:

  • Haven app-to-app push notifications for chat, social, and order activities
  • A massive social update that will introduce a personalised feed, instant updates, social notifications, and lay the groundwork for topic channels
  • Ethereum integration that will allow for ETH and ERC-20 token payment support

It looks like Haven is really catching on.

Have you installed it on your iOS or Android device yet? Get it below!

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