23 September 2019

Haven has had an incredible first 50 days in the Apple App Store and Google Play! It has achieved 10,000 installs and we are very happy about the adoption we are seeing.

Here are some quick stats for Haven to date:

Platform split:

  • iOS: 40%
  • Android: 60%

Top countries:

  • iOS: United States, United Kingdom, Canada
  • Android: Venezuela, United States, India

Top referral sources:

  • iOS: Within other iOS apps, Apple App Store search
  • Android: Google Play search results, third party links

Newest features

Haven has had two updates since launch (1.2.3 and 1.2.4) that included upgraded link sharing features, enhanced category structures and a foundation for push notificiations.

Upcoming releases

The next few releases are also going to pack in the feature updates. Here’s what to expect:

  • Haven app-to-app push notifications for chat, social, and order activities
  • A massive social update that will introduce a personalised feed, instant updates, social notifications, and lay the groundwork for topic channels
  • Ethereum integration that will allow for ETH and ERC-20 token payment support

Private shopping for everyone, everywhere

We are excited to hit this milestone but we aren’t slowing down. We are working hard every day to push this app and its underlying technology to the limit so you can have an incredible private experience buying and selling goods and services worldwide with no middlemen to charge you fees or collect your data. We appreciate how many of you are already helping us carry out the mission of enabling private trade around the world. Help us continue by sharing the app with anyone you know who shares these values!

What features would you like to see in Haven?

Tell us about it in Slack and on Telegram and Twitter.

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