14 January 2020

We haven’t previously named releases, but given the size and impact of this update it’s only fitting that we call this release ‘Gojira’. It’s been over a month since our last update, which ran over the Christmas holidays, so again thank you for your patience! 🙇


This update is the outcome of several months of hard labour and struggle. While ostensibly it may appear nothing more than a significant improvement to the social features of Haven, this update lays the core infrastructural support for push notifications in other key parts of the app.

All of it designed to make Haven a more dynamic and engaging part of your life, and boost your ability to buy amazing products with crypto and engage with your customers.

I’ll break down all the changes in this update below.

Major changes


We replaced the infrastructure that collects social posts from the network and creates feeds based off that data, which enables:

  • A better global feed that updates instantly when new content is created
  • 🆕 A personalized feed with content from the people you follow!
  • 🆕 Hashtag support!
  • Significant performance improvements in speed and detectings likes, comments, notifications etc.

❗️IMPORTANT ❗️We are presently migrating the old social posts to the new social infrastructure. If you don’t see your posts, you haven’t lost them, it just means the migration isn’t complete yet.

Push notifications for chat and social activity

Upgrading the social infrastructure allows us to deliver instant push notifications for:

  • Social activity (likes, comments on your post)
  • Chat messages
  • Follows

We will be adding push notifications for orders in the next update.

Critical bug fix: detecting transactions for orders

This update includes a critical bug fix that prevented many of our users detecting transactions for orders.

The bug persisted across all OpenBazaar implementations, not just Haven, and was difficult to replicate and then isolate.

Thanks to a combined effort with Rod Keys from Zokos, we were able to finally defeat the bug and have incorporated the fix into this update.

Minor changes

New loading indicator when you tap on sending funds

We’ve added a loading indicator when attempting to send funds from the wallet, to prevent the button from being tapped multiple times in the case of a delay.

You’ll see some more variety in the featured stores and carousel in the Discover store!

Bug fix: currency selection when creating a listing

Some users reported a problem that they couldn’t create a listing because they hadn’t selected any currencies. We found the source of the problem and fixed it. The default is for listings to accept all currencies, which can be configured in the settings.

Fixed decimal place UI error when creating a listing

Fixed a weird UI situation with some decimal places.

What’s next

  • Push notifications for orders is a major objective for the next release. The code is in place, it just requires further testing.

  • One feature that didn’t make it into this release was backup/restore functionality. We had to resolve some lingering bugs and decided not to delay this release for that feature. We’re confident it will be ready for the next release.

  • We will be monitoring the ordering improvements closely to ensure the problem is truly resolved. Please don’t hestitate to reach-out to us if you’re encountering difficulties.

Until next time… stay free, trade free 🙏

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