11 June 2019

Welcome to the beta test for Haven. Thank you for helping us deliver a private and secure way to shop, chat, and use cryptocurrencies together on a mobile device. This is a closed beta; if you want to use Haven as soon as it’s available, sign up for our waitlist below.

This post will briefly explain the architecture of the app, then talk you through how you can test it, and finish by explaining how to give us your feedback.

Important Notes

Since you’ll be storing cryptocurrency on your device, we strongly recommend backing up your wallet as soon as it has any funds. Also know that everything you do in this testing cycle is live on the OpenBazaar network so make sure to choose your transactions wisely.

Please join us in the Haven Test Group on Telegram to connect and collaborate with other testers, report bugs and give feedback throughout this cycle.


On OpenBazaar, any time you create a listing or social post, these changes need to be published to the network. Publishing will take usually 30 seconds, and happens in the background out of sight from the user. After publishing is successful, other users on the network can fetch the listing/post.

The app is composed of two major components: a client and server. The server is a full OpenBazaar node running in the background (on the device) when the app is opened; the client is the user interface.

What to test

The primary goal of beta testing is to shake-out bugs and get feedback on the useability of the app (both functionally and aesthetically). Below is a high level overview of the app’s major section and what to test.

  1. Try typing in a name, selecting a country, and tapping ‘Get Started’
Discover and Search tab
  1. Scroll up and down the view
  2. Test tapping a category, banner, featured store or listing to see if the navigation is working
  3. Tap the search icon, enter a search query for a listing or user
  4. Try and filter search results
  5. If you happen to have a second device or a friend nearby who is testing with you, try to scan the QR code from their about section to follow them & have them do the same back
Social tab
  1. Tap on a social post to see the individual post with comments, likes, and reposts
  2. Try and create a social post, with and without an image
Plus button
  1. Tap on the plus button to see options
  2. Test navigation to each option
Chat tab
  1. Try and start a new chat by searching for a user, like the official OpenBazaar store
  2. Tap a chat conversation and test sending/receiving messages
‘Me’ tab
  1. Test navigation to all options in the screen
    1. My profile
      1. Edit your profile details
    2. Wallet
      1. Test sending and receiving cryptocurrency with an external wallet, viewing transaction history
    3. Purchases/Sales
      1. Test completing a purchase or sale, and leaving a review for the former
    4. Wishlist
      1. Do listings you’ve added to your wishlist show up here?
    5. Settings
      1. Try changing different settings in the app
    6. Notifications
      1. Make sure you receive notifications for the different stages of the order process and when someone follows you. (Tip: Jump into the Haven Test Group on Telegram to interact with other testers and gain some followers!)
      2. Are the notifications clear? Do they make sense?
      3. Test tapping on notifications to see if they navigate correctly
External store
  1. When visiting another user’s store, can you:
    1. Message?
    2. Follow/unfollow?
    3. Block?
    4. See and open their listings (if any)?
    5. See their posts (if any)?
    6. See the about section?
  1. Scroll horizontally through listing images
  2. Scroll down the view to see the listing and store details, as well as other listing the seller is offering
  3. Tap the heart icon to add the listing to the wishlist
  4. Test the share icon
  5. Tap ‘Buy Now’
  1. Test the checkout flow, selection options and adding shipping addresses
  2. Test switching the payment currency
  3. Test selecting a moderator
  4. Test purchasing a listing using the internal wallet, and an external wallet (For a simple listing to test with, check out the $1 donation listing on the official OpenBazaar store)
Create listing
  1. Create a physical, digital (Android only), or service listing, with or without product variants, and with different shipping options (physical goods only)
Create post
  1. Create a post, with or without an image

Bug reports + feedback

The Haven Test Group on Telegram is a good place to report bugs and leave feedback.

If the issue requires lengthier feedback, or including other information like logs - or if you simply don’t use Telegram - you can submit a request at our Zendesk. Be sure to note you are using Haven in the drop down sections of the request form.

Before reporting a bug, please take an extra moment to confirm that the bug is reproducible.

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