Bitcoin Trader Review: Is It a Scam or a Legit App?

With constant development in technology, you can now find numerous platforms designed to trade different cryptocurrencies.

Considering that crypto trading is on-trend, using the best trading platforms will give you an edge in the competition.

It is believed that trading with cryptocurrencies will give you a higher chance of generating a significant amount of income.

But you can only achieve this if you are using the right platform. Our goal for this review is to give you a better understanding of the reliability and function of one popular trading platform – Bitcoin Trader.

In this review, you will find our personal experience using the Bitcoin Trader app to trade cryptocurrencies. And we must confess that we are really impressed with what Bitcoin Trader has given to us.

Part of this review is the checking of their features. After several days of trading with this platform, we can confirm that the Bitcoin Trader platform could give you a significant amount of profit every single day.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to know further.

An Overview About Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader website is an automated trading software designed to trade different forms of cryptocurrencies. It is equipped with a well-functioning trading bot and an innovative algorithm and software designed to assess the crypto market.

This platform went public in 2017. Since its establishment, we have noticed that it has a constant increase in the number of traders showing interest in this platform. This is why we decided to review Bitcoin Trader to know whether it can fulfill its promise.

The good thing about Bitcoin Trader and other cryptocurrency trading platforms is that they will do all the trading works on your behalf. All you have to do is make your account, fund it, and enable its auto trading platform feature.

Bitcoin Trader works like other popular trading platforms in the market, including Bitcoin Code. We have been involved in cryptocurrency trading for several years. And we cannot deny the fact that we have gained more than thousands of dollars using our initial investment.

On the other hand, not all individuals interested in trading may not be able to reach the success we have because they are still hesitant in using crypto trading platforms.

Before the development of crypto trading platforms, crypto traders are required to acquire excellent trading skills and understand the crypto market.

But today, anyone can start trading without the need to master different trading skills because most crypto trading platforms are designed to do the whole work for you. In addition to that, we are also amazed by its features. We joined the live trading room five consecutive times, and we consistently earn money from it.

Other users of Bitcoin Trader claims that they have earned more than 1,500 US Dollars per day. With our experience with this platform, we can confirm that this significant amount is possible to achieve as long as you have the right crypto trading platform on hand.

Is The Bitcoin Trader Legit?

Should you trust Bitcoin Trader? Yes! We can confirm that Bitcoin Trader is a legit crypto trading platform with all the information we have researched. This was developed by professional software engineers. Thus, you can rest assured of its excellent functionality and feature.

Aside from using the latest crypto trading technology, Bitcoin Trader is also equipped with reputable brokers. This platform has maintained and provided many traders with the easiest and most reliable way to generate money passively.

Thankfully, opening an account with Bitcoin Trader is fast and easy and only requires you to provide basic information.

To ensure that all information included in this review is accurate, we talked with the platform’s developers and regulatory agencies. They provide us with precise information backed with evidence. We also reviewed each feature offered by the software.

We have read about some problems of individuals who have used automated or manual trading software for cryptocurrencies, and we want to know if Bitcoin Trader is different from them. Fortunately, after a series of tests for customer support, online security, efficiency, and speed, we can say that Bitcoin Trader is one of the best.

Is Bitcoin Trader Scam?

Bitcoin Trader is not a scam. With the number of automated cryptocurrency platforms available, you may find it hard to differentiate a legit trading platform from a fake one. We have used Bitcoin Trader for more than a week, and we can testify that it is not a scam.

The following is the summary of our findings of Bitcoin Trader:

• Bitcoin Trader offers an accessible customer support team you can reach 24 hours in 7 days. Thus, you can have an immediate resolution to your trading problem.

• You only need to deposit a minimum amount of 250 US Dollars. Once you have created an account, the next thing you should do is to enable the automated trading feature. Once done, you can now start earning from trading crypto.

• We find Bitcoin Trader a responsive and easy-to-navigate platform, perfect for beginners.

• Bitcoin Trader allows users to earn high profits based on their initial investment. With its success rate of more than 88 percent, one can perform a successful trade while minimizing the risk of losing your hard-earned money.

How Does Bitcoin Trader Work?

Bitcoin Trader is packed with unique and outstanding features that are easy to navigate. By checking each feature involved in the platform, it was easier for us to determine how it works. Compared to other crypto trading platforms, Bitcoin Trader allowed us to make a trading account in just a few minutes.

Bitcoin Trader is a trading bot that can assess the crypto market and determine which among the available cryptocurrency pairs can give you the most profitable trade. For example, when the bot detects that the cryptocurrency price will increase, it will automatically place a trade for you.

To give you additional assurance, each trade performed by the platform is also monitored by the brokers. This will help you to analyze the profitability level of the transactions better. After the broker confirms the trade, the trading robot will automatically process the trade.

This is a very simple way of earning money online. But, do you know what the best part about Bitcoin Trader is? It’s when we found evidence confirming the functionality and legitimacy of Bitcoin Trader.

How To Open a Bitcoin Trader Account?

If you want to start trading with Bitcoin Trader, the first thing you should do is to create an account. Fortunately, making an account with Bitcoin Trader is fast and easy and does not require a complicated process.

Here are a few steps you need to follow to open your new Bitcoin Trader account:


Account registration is the first thing you should do to start your crypto trading journey with Bitcoin Trader. You can do this hassle-free. You just need to visit its official website and click its registration page.

The form will ask for some important details about you, including your email address, mobile number, and account name.

Bitcoin Trader will verify all the information you have provided in just a few seconds. Once the verification process has been done, your account is now ready for use.

One of the requirements you should not forget is setting your passcode. After that, you can now proceed to fund your account.

Aside from being simple, the registration process is also free. During our account creation, we did not experience any hassle with Bitcoin Trader.

Making a Deposit

The next step to creating a new Bitcoin Trader account is making a deposit. Bitcoin Trader offers various payment options to fund your account. The minimum deposit required is 250 US Dollars with a maximum amount of 15,000 US Dollars.

If you are new to trading, we suggest that you stick to its minimum amount. But if you are confident with your trading skills, you can make a deposit of as high as 15,000 US Dollars.

One thing we love about Bitcoin Trader is that they offer various payment options. Thus, users can select which option is more convenient for them to use. This is a good thing considering the number of Bitcoin Trader’s users in more than 150 countries.

Thus, it is an advantage to provide multiple payment options to help you make deposits easily and conveniently. Some of the payment options they offer include Maestro, bank transfer, PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard.

Demo Trading

One of the best features of Bitcoin Trader is its demo trading Bitcoin Trader account. This feature imitates the actual process of crypto trading. The only difference is that it does not involve real money. This is a great feature to help different users become more familiar with the things involved in trading transactions.

We think the demo trading feature is a great additional functionality to let everyone assess whether it is worth investing in or not. If you are a newbie in crypto trading, this is a beneficial feature to maximize your trading techniques.

Live Trading

Once your account has been funded, you can now join the live trading room. One of the best things about Bitcoin Trader is that it offers various cryptocurrency pairs you can trade.

This alone gives you a higher chance of earning more money through the internet.

Another thing that we love about this trading platform is its reliability. We think it is a reliable software that can do all the trading works independently. This is a good feature for Bitcoin traders who have a busy work schedule but still want to earn an extra income passively.

To do this, you only need to activate its auto trading mode, and that is when live trading will begin. As part of this review, we spend 30 minutes of our day-to-day life monitoring our trading accounts and stop them every time we generate an income.

In other words, any user can spend as little as 20 minutes of their time doing live trading without causing interruption with their daily work.

Essential Features of Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader is packed with essential features that play an essential role in your trading success. Here are some of them:

Verification Process

There are lots of good things you will love about Bitcoin Trader, including its fast and smooth verification process. The system will verify your account and check whether the information you have outlined is real and accurate.


You may be asking how Bitcoin Trader calculates and organizes a payout. This is an important thing we have to find out because anyone who starts earning with this platform is dying to determine how they can withdraw the money they collected.

You can perform every payout according to your preferred time and date. But generally, most users prefer submitting their withdrawal slips after their trading session.

The payout contains all the money that has been earned by the user. It is usually added to the initial amount you deposited. We also read user testimonials and found out that most of its users can generate up to 1,300 US Dollars every single day.

This is quite impressive since the system works by ensuring that every user can make an income daily. Considering such an amount will only take you a few days to generate thousands of dollars and withdraw it.

Feedback System

Fortunately, Bitcoin Trader included a part on their website designed for a feedback system. This feature allows new and old users to share their thoughts and experiences while using the website. The information included in the feedback system can be used by the developers to improve their services.


The only fee you need to pay for Bitcoin Trader is its commission. The commission will be deducted from the profit you have made. This is pretty fair since the platform will only charge you every time you make an income. We are also happy since we did not find any indications of hidden fees on the platform. Their transaction system is very transparent.

Excellent Customer Support

Like other crypto trading platforms in the market, Bitcoin Trader’s customer support is always open and reachable. Thus, you can call them to ask for assistance and support in any issue you encounter while using the system.

We are impressed with their response rate. We sent multiple queries regarding their service and received a reply in less than two minutes.

Deposits and Withdrawals

As we mentioned a while ago, Bitcoin Trader offers different payment options you can use according to your convenience. With the number of options they offer, it would be easier for its users to add money to their trading accounts.

Their withdrawal system will transfer your income to your local bank account. The value of the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw will be converted into your fiat currency. And we think that this is a convenient step to receive your hard-earned money.

Benefits Of Using Bitcoin Trader

Aside from the ones outlined above, this section also contains additional advantages of using Bitcoin Trader in trading cryptocurrencies. We know that information included in this section will enlighten new users of the platform.

Fast Trades

To ensure that you can make a significant amount of income online, it is essential to choose a crypto trading platform that can make fast trades. Bitcoin Trader is known for its speedy trades, which is an advantage, especially with the volatile nature of the crypto market. Considering its speed, Bitcoin Trader has one of the highest winning rates.

Demo Trading

Another helpful feature of Bitcoin Trader is demo trading. This is designed for individuals who want to know more about the internal works related to crypto trading. Most trading platforms lack this feature, which might be a red flag.

Accessible Customer Care Service

We also admired the customer support system offered by the platform. They are always reachable and work flawlessly. All our queries are answered in no more than two minutes. We reached them through email, phone calls, and live chat.

Simple Layout

Bitcoin Trader is also popular for having the simplest layout, making the platform one of the user-friendly apps. This is designed to ensure that new users will not get overwhelmed with the features and can start trading as fast as possible.

Does Bitcoin Trader Have a Mobile App?

At the time of writing, Bitcoin Trader does not have a mobile app. We verified this by typing the platform’s name on google and looking for a downloadable link. Moreover, some of our team members also check Bitcoin Trader in iOS and Android app stores.

Since it does not have a mobile app, you can only access it on your browser. The good thing is that it is compatible with most mobile devices you have, including your laptop.

Final Thoughts: Is Bitcoin Trader Legit or Scam?

After extensive research and tests we conducted, we can confidently claim that Bitcoin Trader is one of the leading software designed to trade different cryptocurrency pairings. The platform is legit and reliable. Thus, it is a safe place to start your journey in the crypto world.

This trading platform also contains a sophisticated algorithm paired with smart auto trading robots. Thus, it would be easier for you to grow your profit by doing almost nothing.