Bitcoin Revolution Review: Is It A Scam Or A Legit App?

Many ordinary individuals become wealthy when they start making trades in the digital world. Today, many new traders and professional cryptocurrency traders are making more than what they would earn in their 8-hour work shifts.

Auto trading robots in the crypto market has now become more popular because it would be easier for you to notice the leading crypto picks in the industry.

Traders who are trading forex using cryptocurrency trading platforms have a higher chance of becoming successful in the future because they have an accurate basis on different market trends.

Fortunately, these Bitcoin trading platforms are designed for everyone. Bitcoin is one of the most known types of cryptocurrencies in the market.

This is why many software developers have launched their trading platforms designed to trade this cryptocurrency.

One of these is the Bitcoin Revolution software. But what makes this different from other trading robots is that it does have numerous cryptocurrencies to trade apart from Bitcoin.

In this review, we will help you better understand everything regarding this Bitcoin Revolution app and the reason why most traders love using it.

To give you a reliable and accurate review, we personally use the Bitcoin Revolution website to test its features. With this, we found that the software is true to its promises and justify the reason for being the crowd’s favorite trading app.

Is Bitcoin Revolution Legit?

We are a team of professional traders looking for the best crypto trading platforms. We have tried multiple platforms before but most of them did not meet our expectations. Before we start this review, we would like you to know that this is a licensed, registered, and legitimate automated trading system.

We were amazed after finding out that it will only require you to deposit a minimum amount of 250 US Dollars to begin trading.

Understanding Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is a well-known automated trading software developed by a team of professional crypto traders. This platform uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to leverage trading strategies.

It is designed to help you assess the crypto market, helping investors and traders to secure profitable deals.

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Evolution is a fully automated platform designed to make multiple trades for you. Thus, you don’t need to spend most of your time navigating your trading computer. This is because the software’s robot will take care of every trading process according to the trading parameters you set.

This platform will only require you to make an account and fund it. Once everything has been settled, the automated robot will start placing trades.

Don’t worry since for every trade you won, the profit will directly go to your trading account.

Is Bitcoin Revolution A Scam Trading App?

Bitcoin Revolution is a crypto trading robot to help investors and traders to trade different types of cryptocurrencies automatically. On the other hand, you should be more mindful and assess their marketing strategies thoroughly.

According to the platform, users with a minimum deposit can generate up to 1,000 US Dollars daily. Moreover, they also claimed that it has been used and promoted by many well-known personalities. These claims may be too good to be true.

Even though this platform is designed to help traders make a profit, the amount of income it specifies seems untrue. As we do our research, we discovered that no celebrity or TV personality endorses this trading software.

Although we said that this automated trading app is legit and reliable, it is still important to be suspicious of their marketing techniques.

Even though many reviews claimed that Bitcoin Revolution is reputable, it is still necessary that you do your own research before investing and using any crypto trading platform.

How To Create A Bitcoin Revolution Account

Most of you are now interested in trading cryptocurrencies using Bitcoin Revolution. This one is rich with innovative features that will help you make the best trading decisions.

Fortunately, creating a Bitcoin Revolution account is nice and simple. Here are some essential steps you should complete to make an account with this platform:


Visit the Bitcoin Revolution’s official website to fill out their registration form. Signing up for the registration is the first step you should complete to create an account with the platform.

Once the registration has been completed, Bitcoin Revolution will give you a personal broker to walk you through the trading steps.

Creating a trading account with Bitcoin Revolution allows you to work with a Personal Account Manager free of charge.

You don’t have to worry about giving them personal information as Bitcoin Evolution ensures user information security.

They use innovative technology to keep users safe while trading. These include data security, website encryption, and GDPR compliance.

Deposit Funds

Funding your account is the next thing you should do to start live trading. Once you have successfully deposited your account, you need a few minutes for the system to work.

Bitcoin Revolution has set 250 US Dollars as the minimum deposit.

The minimum deposit protects new users against the risk of losing money. Once you start earning, you can reinvest half of your profit.

Saving parts of your overall income is a simple way to ensure that you will never run out of money.

Try Its Demo Account

Once your account has been settled and funded, we recommend you try its demo trading account. This demo account serves as your mini platform tour.

This is a beneficial feature, especially if you are not familiar with Bitcoin Evolution.

Your demo account contains 1,500 US Dollars credit you can use to trade and assess different trading strategies. You can access your demo account by clicking its ‘Auto Trade’ button.

Trade for Real

When Bitcoin Revolution sent you your log-in details, you can now use it to start trading. Your trading journey will start once you enter the trading bot room.

Our piece of considered investment advice for you is not to use all your hard-earned money in a single trade. It would be best to divide it into different trading sessions to maximize your Bitcoin Revolution’s success rate.

Interesting Features Of Bitcoin Revolution

The following are some of the notable features that make Bitcoin Revolution one of the most sought-after trading apps in the market:

Bitcoin Revolution Payout

Let’s say that you have started earning and have completed one transaction. In that case, Bitcoin Revolution will make an estimation of your profit automatically.

If you will visit the platform’s official website, you will see that one of their claims says that Bitcoin Revolution traders can earn as much as 1,300 US Dollars daily.

This is a possible amount, only if you know how to manage your trading finances and you have a high investment amount. This might be a large payout for most beginners.

But, we can say that Bitcoin Revolution is one of the best places to start acquiring and improving your trading skills.

As a beginner with an initial deposit of 250 US Dollars, you are more likely to earn lesser than this. But as you progress, your income will also increase.

Bitcoin Revolution Fees

If you are on a budget, you may be looking for a free cryptocurrency trading platform. Well, you have found one now! Bitcoin Revolution allows you to sign-up for a free account and does not have any costs and fees associated with the registration.

In addition, you can use the features of the program without paying anything. What’s more? They also offer withdrawals and deposits without charge.

Excellent Customer Support Team

You can reach their customer support team any time of the day through email or live chat. Since they are always online, you can ensure that one of their team members will answer your queries.

What we love about their customer support representatives is that they are very well-trained and courteous. They are also knowledgeable about everything about the platform, so you can rest assured that they can solve any problems you are encountering with Bitcoin Revolution.

The Verification Process

Another thing you will love about Bitcoin Revolution is that it has a very intuitive and straightforward verification process.

To start trading with Bitcoin Revolution, you need to complete all the details asked in the registration form.

Some of the important details you need to provide include your mobile phone number, full name, and email address.

Once done, the next thing to do is to fund your account before trading. Bitcoin Revolution will confirm your deposit by sending them your payment information.

If you will use your debit or credit card in depositing the money, the platform will more likely ask for your card verification code, card expiration date, and number.

Remember, Bitcoin Revolution should not ask for any sensitive information about you, including your utility bills or bank statements.

As outlined earlier, you can finish filling up the registration form in no longer than ten minutes. On the one hand, verifying your account may take an additional five minutes to ensure that your contact information and personal data are correct.

Funds Withdrawal Process

If you are searching for a crypto trading platform, the fund’s withdrawal process may be one of the important factors you need to keep in mind.

Many traders who have been using Bitcoin Revolution claimed that the fund withdrawal process went fast and smooth.

They also claimed that the money they have withdrawn showed up in their local bank account in one business day after they sent their withdrawal form to Bitcoin Revolution.


Online brokers are another important element in an internet-based trading platform. This often results in your money traveling through Bitcoin Revolution’s partner brokers before it gets to the asset you want to invest in. This usually happens, especially if you are trading in a systematized mode.

The good thing about Bitcoin Revolution works safely and is fully automated. Trading carries risk. But you don’t have to worry about it with Bitcoin Revolution. So, you don’t have to worry about risking your money. Bitcoin Revolution is known for having the most reputable and finest brokers in the industry.

User Testimonials

To show the legitimacy of the platform, the developers include user testimonials on their official website. Most reviews you will see talk about the positives of the platform. Moreover, many of its users claim how ecstatic they are when they first received their profit.

Why Use Bitcoin Revolution?

If you have been trading for a long time, you have probably used several trading tools. In line with that, you know that some of these platforms claim to have the best performance rates and high conversion points.

These may seem too good to be true. This is because all crypto trading systems have their flaws and disadvantages. The following are some of the things that set the Bitcoin Revolution apart from its competitors:

Bitcoin Revolution Offers a Demo Trading Feature Account and Tutorial

Bitcoin Revolution ensures that its users will make the right decision by giving them a demo account. The demo account works by showing the basics of trading using the app with no money involved.

In addition, they also have impressive website information, instructional seminars, and broker function.

Easy To Use

The developer ensures that their platform will remain easy to navigate despite having the most sophisticated trading algorithm. In addition, it also has an intuitive and extremely basic user interface.

You can set up the system by following simple instructions. In addition, the platform only requires you to spend 20 minutes of your day managing your trades.

Free to Use

Bitcoin Revolution is considered a profitable trades crypto trading tool as it will not charge you with anything. The only amount you will hold to them is your initial deposit. This will allow you to start trading. Despite being free, Bitcoin Revolution never fails to give its users the best set of features.

High Winning Rate

As mentioned, Bitcoin Revolution will only require you to spend at least 250 US Dollars as your initial deposit. You can use this to trade at least 25 US Dollars for every trade transaction you will perform. But before trading, take note that the financial markets are extremely complicated and volatile.

Reliable Customer Service

Do you have problems with your trading experience in Bitcoin Revolution? Email or message Bitcoin Revolution and their customer service representative will assist your queries. The good thing about this platform is that its customer service team is open 24/7. Thus, you can rest assured to receive an immediate response from them regarding your trading issue.

Compatible To Different Devices

With the rise of new technology, different crypto trading tools, including Bitcoin Revolution are now compatible with a wide range of devices, such as mobile phones, computers, or even laptops. As long as these devices are connected to the internet, you can start trading. Considering this convenience, you can make trades even if you are on the go.

Modern Technology

Developers of Bitcoin Revolution use the latest trading technology to give its users the best experience. It comes with an innovative algorithm technology that can sort out and assess historical price data, technical market indications, and other essential market data.

Conducting this significant amount of research may eat up a lot of your time and effort.

Bitcoin Revolution Pros and Cons

To help you weigh whether this trading platform matches your trading requirements and expectations, we have included a list of its pros and cons.


  • Comes with a demo account feature
  • Does not have hidden trading fees or charges
  • Reliable and always reachable customer service
  • Offers manual and auto trading mode
  • Intuitive user interface
  • The simple and straightforward registration process


  • It is not available in a mobile application
  • You need to trade several times before you gain significant income

Is Bitcoin The Right Trading Platform For You?

Bitcoin Revolution is designed for everyone who wants to experience trading and earn from it. Using this platform does not require you to know and master different trading techniques. It is the best way to generate money online.

But remember that investing in cryptocurrencies might be risky considering its volatile market. Although Bitcoin Revolution is an automated platform, it requires traders to set their preferred trading parameters and strategies.

This gives you control over your trading experience. If you don’t want to spend most of your time in front of your computer to trade manually, using an automated trading platform, such as Bitcoin Revolution today, maybe the best solution for you.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin Revolution work by helping individuals overcome financial instabilities by encouraging them to start trading with this platform is that it is powered by the latest technology to assess the cryptocurrency market and perform money trading.

You can use several fiat currencies in trading cryptocurrency. Once you enter the trading room with your invested capital, you can now start making successful trades. The account registration process does not have hidden fees allowing you to make daily profits and achieve financial independence.